It’s Your Office, It’s Your Cottage, It’s Your Home

The sun rises over Lake Couchiching, illuminating your new hometown. The gorgeous natural landscape around FRESH is complimented by the unique boats docked at the Port of Orillia, Couchiching Beach Park, and so much more—and now, your home at FRESH.

You rise early and put on your pot of coffee, preparing for your workday You notice that the weather will be warm today, meaning you could go for a quick swim in the lake at lunch, or maybe a bike ride would be fun. You’re pulled from your thoughts as you realise your coffee is ready for drinking. As if on cue, your dog nudges you, letting you know its time for her walk.

Usually you and your pup walk along the Millennium Trail, but today you decide to wander through FRESH, looking at all the beautiful homes in your neighbourhood, getting inspiration for your own outdoor living space. You find yourself walking towards Couchiching Beach Park, and notice children and adults alike already enjoying this splendid morning by the water.

When you return home, it’s time to head into your home office. You answer a few emails, hop on a few calls, and suddenly it’s time for lunch. You’re famished, so you decide to skip the swim in favour of a bike downtown for lunch. You’re craving Brewery Bay’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich so you decide to stop there before picking up some beer from Couchiching Craft Brewing Co. for this evening—you have some friends visiting from out of town, and you know they’ll love the Sunshine City Blonde!

You return home from lunch and decide to take the rest of your afternoon on the terrace since you have no more calls. You lift your eyes from your screen every once in a while and people watch. You see families fishing, couples enjoying a stand-up paddleboard ride, dogs being walked, kayakers, cyclists, skaters, and more—and eventually get all your work done too!

You head inside and begin preparing the media room for company, setting out everything needed for a great night in. Dinner is BBQ on the terrace, featuring spectacular steaks from Leadbetter’s and grilled local veggies you bought yesterday. Company begins to arrive as the sun begins to set. As everyone chats inside you head onto the terrace to prepare the BBQ. You turn your head and suddenly notice the sunset lighting the sky in shades of pink, orange and purple. You call everyone out to bask in the glow of this stunning evening, and as you stand there, surrounded by loved ones, you feel content.

“Could this get any better?”

It’s your office, it’s your cottage, it’s your home. FRESH is more than just a collection of homes, it’s a new kind of community on the banks of Lake Couchiching with so much to offer. Register with us to get priority updates on all things FRESH, and follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook


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