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There is so much to love in Orillia! Year-round you can experience a lifetime’s worth of adventures, between the many fabulous events, recreational activities, parks, trails, beaches, shops, restaurants and more! A quaint town with big city amenities, Orillia has its own culture known for its historic, lakeside village flair.

Orillia’s future is bright; this charming, historic downtown is undergoing an unprecedented revitalization of both its businesses and waterfront. The Downtown Tomorrow Plan will see 9.75 acres of underutilised waterfront land in Orillia become shops, greenspace, and more. FRESH is a part of that spirit of revitalization just south of the Downtown along the waterfront at 144 Elgin Street. Read more about the Waterfront Redevelopment Project here!

Orillia is home to vibrant street festivals, world-class dining experiences and eclectic shops that give this town its unique personality, unmatched in Ontario and beyond. Keep reading to learn about some of our favourite places, events, and more in Orillia.

Local Legends

Orillia's shops share the same ethos: make it local, make it beautiful, and make it with love. No matter when you visit, you are sure to be greeted with a smile and some neighbourly hospitality! From Eclectic Café, a cafe catered by Chopped Canada champion Melanie Robinson to the Mariposa Market, a northern Ontario staple, further to unique shopping experiences where you're sure to connect with that perfect find—that's downtown Orillia, every day. Apple Annie’s Café and Shop, Couchiching Craft Brewing Co., and the famous French’s Stand are more local spots for you to explore. Enjoy local ingredients in the delicacies offered in Orillia’s restaurants, or visit the local Farmer’s Market to bring a piece of Orillia home.

Engaging Entertainment

Step outside your door at FRESH and walk 10 minutes north into Orillia’s bustling and vibrant downtown core. Orillia is home to the Orillia Opera House, which plays hosts to countless events year-round, the Art and History museum, an eclectic hub of culture and heritage, and the Stephen Leacock Museum, a genuine piece of Canadian history. Visit boutiques with personality ranging in wares from inspiring art galleries to heritage books to vintage clothing and more—a whole world where you can always find what you’re looking for.

Fantastic Festivals

In addition to a Summer Block Party, Jazz Fest , Blues Fest, costume parades, and more, Downtown Orillia hosts its own annual Classic Car Show, which sees up to 450 cars (some as old as 100 years) shutting down the streets of Downtown Orillia for an afternoon of exploring vendors and more. The crown jewel of Orillia’s outdoor entertainment scene may be the Mariposa Folk Festival, a yearly celebration of summer, music, and Canadiana, with a cute vendor’s village in addition to the stellar artists performing. If you want more still, Orillia is only 23 minutes from Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, home to Boots & Hearts and countless other festivals and concerts. The question is: how will you fit everything in your calendar?

Astounding Arts

One of the many things that gives Orillia its personality is its bountiful and vibrant arts scene, which is on full display in its downtown core, especially during the yearly Streets Alive festival. Stroll through the Arts District on any given day, you could simply be out for a stroll and walk by an artist selling paintings or musicians creating beautiful and unique sounds. Art adorns the streets year-round; bronze statues, murals, and art installations all of which invite you to participate and engage with Orillia’s story.

Exploring a new place always presents an opportunity for adventure, and Orillia is more than ready to accommodate! Shops, restaurants, entertainment, even a famous music festival—this town has everything you could need to keep you and your family entertained for years to come. There is no need to compromise in Orillia; your essentials and major highways are all nearby, giving you the best of both worlds. Escape the overpopulation of Ontario’s big cities and watch from your rooftop terrace as Orillia’s lakefront experiences an unprecedented revitalization. Orillia has everything you need to live a FRESH lifestyle.

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