10 Ways to FRESHEN Up Your Space for Fall

September is the first month of Fall, a time for family gatherings, cozy couch cuddles, and delicious foods. In honor of all things FRESH, we decided to compile a list of 10 ways to incorporate a little bit of autumn into your home décor as well as 5 of the biggest trends for this Fall!

  • Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are all in this season
  • But so are bold monochromatic colours in shades of cobalt, or Kelly green, or plum.
  • Use Grecian busts and bronzes as well as antique pieces to add a touch of old-school style to homes this Fall
  • Incorporating florals is very trendy this Fall and is a great way to bring some brightness into your home (if it works with your existing décor!)
  • Plants are always in! Consider bringing some of your outdoor plants indoors this Fall to bring some nature into your everyday

No room for orange in your home décor? Not to worry! Incorporating other Fall colours that work with your colors, like hunter greens, navy blues, and aubergines as well as patterns like tartan, will add a touch of fall to your home without changing your whole colour scheme.

Pumpkins everywhere! Place pumpkins in unconventional places or decorate them in bold colours to add a touch of fun to your decorating.

Use Fall-foliage to create table centrepieces, accents, and wreaths to incorporate natural elements into your décor.

Decorate your outdoor welcome area with a Fall-themed sign and decorative items. Pumpkins, coloured leaves, pinecones and more are all great options when it comes to decorating outdoors.

Combine orange peels, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, and all your other favourite Fall spices and flavours in a pot of water with enough water to cover and make a simmer pot! Let this pot of water simmer as long as you like, just be sure to add more water and stir every once in a while!

Kraft paper and chalkboards remind us of school—so it’s no wonder they fit so well with traditional Fall décor! Use kraft paper to create customizable tablecloths, napkin holders, and place settings at your family events. Chalkboards make for great reusable signage—perfect for testing out your calligraphy skills!

Sisal, rattan, and jute provide just enough roughness to tactfully juxtapose all your fluffier textiles. They’re also great neutrals—perfect year-round décor!

Upgrade your planters by placing them in woven baskets, patterned boxes, or other large containers to switch up your design without having to repot a whole plant.

Swap out your fruit bowl for a steel pan or a tarnished metallic bowl to bring some farmhouse chic to your Fall look.

Use unconventional materials, such as dry food, to create a fun, decorative piece in the colours of Fall, using all-natural materials.

We love the Fall at FRESH! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join the conversation and let us know how you decorate your home for Fall!


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